Non-surgical procedure for face, neck, cleavage and body.


As soon as the first signs of aging appear, you may not require or desire surgery, but a face-lift that nevertheless has the same effect. Threadlifting is an option as it is non-surgical.

Lifting threads can also be successfully used on other areas of the body as e.g. the cleavage, upper-arms, bottom and upper thighs.


I use two different types of threads in the treatment that I offer:

  1. PDO (Polydioxanone): This is a material that has been used for years in surgery. PDO threads are suitable for skin creases and the first signs of sagging in facial contours, the cleavage, upper-arms, bottom or upper thighs.
  2. PLA (Polylactic acid threads): Threads with cones attached are inserted to redefine the neck and sagging facial contours.


In both cases 100% re-absorbable threads are used. The threads are subcutaneously pulled in with a thin needle. They build a stable network where due to the tautness of the threads the skin and tissue take on a visible natural and firm appearance.


It is important to find the correct lifting procedure for you. A personal consultation will enable us to do this. Together we can prepare an individual treatment plan for you.



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