Mesotheraphy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive rejuvenation treatment to preserve your natural beauty up to a mature age.


Using substances that are naturally produced in the human body, mesotherapy allows for an exquisitely natural look and makes the treatment almost painless. An integral component of the treatment is hyaluronic acid. This active component produced by your own body, binds moisture in the tissues and supports collagen and elastin fibers. Thus hyaluronic acid upholsters drooping skin and smoothens it out.


The treatment is repeated 3 times every 4 weeks. After that, a 'refresher', every 3-4 months, is usually sufficient.


Depending on the application, the treatment is known either as Mesolift (anti-aging), Mesoglow (preventive wrinkle treatment) or Mesocellulite (reduction of cellulite).


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