Lidtightening without a scalpel

Minimally invasive, innovative method with the Plasma-Pen


Through the natural aging process there is a certain loss of skin elasticity. Fine lines, wrinkles and excess upper eyelid skin begin to appear. Previously, the only option for upper eyelid treatment was surgical removal.

This unique plasma technology treatment allows for a non-invasive approach using a Plasma-Pen. With this method the upper eyelid skin can be gently removed.


How does the Plasma-Pen work?

Every skin cell has a cell membrane whose inner side has a negative charge and outer side which has a positive charge. Through the natural aging process there is sometimes an uneven redistribution of electric charges and the skin begins to lose its elasticity and sags.

With the use of the Plasma-Pen the charge potential of the membrane is raised once more.

Plasma is an ionized gas with ions and electrons that has a direct effect on the skin cells. When the Plasma-Pen touches the skin surface it results in a plasma discharge. The sunken cells begin to straighten out and the collagen fibers are pulled together again. The skin regains its elasticity.

The skin is treated with a numbing anesthesia ointment thus making the treatment painless.


Besides treating a drooping upper lid, the Plasma-Pen can be successfully used in many other beauty treatments, as for example:

  • Shallow and deep creases on the face, cleavage and the back of the hands
  • Scars
  • Acne
  • Facial erythrosis
  • Pigmented moles
  • Stretch marks



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