Filler therapy

Due to its natural aging process, the skin loses fat, collagen, elasticity and hyaluronic acid. These are the very substances that lend volume and elasticity to the face. Facial lines and creases start forming. The face loses its youthful fullness and defined contours.


Hyaluronic acid compares to similar components in the human body and has been particularly designed for different areas of treatment. Facial volume can be restored, wrinkles and creases smoothed out and even the overall quality of the skin can be improved. While the effect holds for a long time, fillers are not permanent. Adjustments can be made at any time to influence the way you look.


Hyaluronic acid filler allows for a natural, glowing look and an aesthetic rejuvenation of the face. It covers different treatments as for example:

  • Clear facial lines and creases including e.g. mouth, nose, eyes or forehead
  • Added volume to the lips
  • Defined slackness of the cheeks
  • Contouring and shaping



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